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Are you wondering why dogs are called man’s best friend? It has been a long time ago since dogs are attributed to this title. Many pet owners treat their dogs as a loyal companion and family members, so many of them take care of them in the best ways they could. If you are a pet owner and want to know why your dog is such a best friend, check out today’s post.

Reasons Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

  1. They can laugh with you. Not in the literal sense, but you could feel how he could appreciate your funny jokes. He often thinks that everything that you say is funny, so he always is there to show his appreciation of all your crazy and not crazy antics.
  2. They always listen, and do not fight with you. Unlike your family members, dogs never show dismay or disappointed with you whenever you do something wrong at work, play or school. Dogs always understand, no matter what. They never treat you bad, but they are always there to lend listening ears and sometimes even provide you comfort with his never fading companionship.
  3. They can always walk or jog with you. You can always have a workout friend with your best friend pet. He never gets tired to follow and be with you. Whenever you exercise, stroll or go places, they are willing to be with you, no matter what. If you want to stay healthy and don’t own a pet yet, get yours and have a workout partner.
  4. They can always help whenever you need them. A dog never gets tired helping you. Sometimes, you can even command him to turn off the lights, to get some papers or to do anything you want him to do, as long as you trained him for it.
  5. They are always a good company. Unlike people who may be occupied with their own schedule. A dog will always have time for you; he is never tiring to provide you with his company all the time. When you are down and needed someone to talk with, your dog may be your best friend.
  6. You can always hug him. Without any hesitations, a dog can always provide you his shoulders to cry on during tough times. He is always there, no matter what, to give you comfort and support.
  7. He can rescue you when you are in distress. You might have heard many news stories how dogs rescued their owners and their family members. A dog will never think twice to gamble and sacrifice his life when you are caught in a distressful situation such as a flood, earthquake or fire.

It’s Time to Return the Favor!

You should not hesitate in showing your love for your dog by always considering his health, happiness and well-being. Always have time to play and to express appreciation to man’s best friend.

Get some good time with your best friend dog today!