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When you’re planning to travel, you should not miss on planning for the boarding of your dog. As you may know, some tourist’s facilities do not allow the accommodation of pets. Then, it would be a hard feeling to leave your beloved pet to just about anyone you know, thinking that he will not get the best care he needed while you are away. To secure him and his welfare, you may want to consider boarding him in a pet hotel. Here’s how:

Investigating On the Best Dog Hotel for Your Pet Best Friend

  1. Consider the location and security. When researching about dog hotels in Singapore, for instance, you should look into the location of the facility. Is it far from where you are staying? Is it near public transportation so that you can check on your pet from time to time? These things are only a few to ask when looking around for the right pet hotel. You should also check on the place’s security. Can you have peace of mind while you are away if you would leave your dog there? Is the place properly gated so that you know that your dog won’t escape or run away unattended?
  2. Check on the staff of the pet hotels. You should look into this carefully. Do not leave your dog to just about any hotel for dogs you see. What best you could do is to find out the certification and training of the people working in the accommodation for pets. Are they accommodating and friendly enough to attend to your concerns while in the process of researching? Do they show competence and warmth?
  3. Check on the facility’s association with vets and pet hospitals. In emergencies, can you be sure that your dog will be attended by the right people? You should also ask on the procedures implemented by the hotels for dogs before leaving your pet there.
  4. When researching, you should also check on the vaccination requirements. Do they require all dogs admitted to be updated with vaccinations?  Should they administer needed prescriptions for your pet (if needed)?
  5. Do they have a real time customer support? This way, you can be sure that they can be contacted anytime you need to check on your dog.
  6. Check on the cleanliness of the pet hotel. Make sure that the hotel for the dog is clean all the time. Do they maintain the hygiene and sanitation of their facility? You should also check on the sanitation of feeding in the hotel to ensure of your dog’s health while under their watch.

Get Your Dog In The Best Dog Hotel Singapore

If you want to ensure of your pet’s health and welfare while you are away, check on these things. Study your options well and choose the right accommodation facility for your best friend pet today!