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The big question remains in the minds of many pet owners as to what pet cremation is all about or what it actually means for them and their pets. No matter if, you own a dog or a cat, you as a pet owner would like your pet to have proper burial services, most especially when it comes to pet cremation. In order for you to understand what this type of service can provide you further, let’s discuss it a bit more.

Pet cremation is done on either the usual crematory facilities or to those that’s specifically designed and dedicated for your pet’s cremation. During this process, your pet’s body is situated within a cremation unit that’s subjected to high temperatures that may reach up to 1800 degrees in Fahrenheit. Well then, why don’t you have a further insight as to how it’s actually done?

The Step-By-Step Process of a Pet’s Cremation

When it comes to the process that your pet goes through during cremation, it’s somewhat different from that of a human being. The cremation process that your pet undergoes is a lot faster. Now, look into the actual steps done in cremating your pet.

  1. Your pet lies in a cremation unit, exposing them to intense heat. Your pet’s body is now turned into dust and dried bones.
  2. Then, the surgical pins, tags, rods, broken piece collar and other metallic objects are removed and collected away from the dust using a magnet or through manually inspecting the cremains.
  3. Once all things are done, all cremains are then pulverized in order to have a sand-like, coarse powder with a uniform consistency. After the process, the ashes are placed into an urn you as the pet owner chose. In some cases, owners choose to scatter them in places like their homes.

Communal or Private Pet Cremation

Pet cremation can either be done through a communal or private setting. Private cremation is typically more expensive than communal cremation. Why?

Private cremation, as its name suggests, enables you to have your pet cremated privately, while the communal option is a type of cremation done with other pets or animals. More often than not, even if it’s more expensive than the other, pet owners choose a private cremation. This is because you get to assure yourself that the ashes you get are those that are really from your pet and not of other animals, which is often a result of communal cremation.

No matter what you choose, either of the two services can provide your pet a proper cremation. However, choosing one over the other may present certain benefits that you wouldn’t get from the other. Well then, the decision lies upon, so good luck.