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Of all the things that you can get for your hamster, choosing the right and the best water bottle for them is some of the most common things that hamster tend to neglect. Whenever you choose to own a hamster, you must look to setup their home properly, keeping a watering hole that’s setup properly is a vital component for their well-being. More often than not, most pet owners would choose to have a dish. However, today is all but a different story. Why? Due to the high demand for hamster care, feeding bottles are now being implemented by manufacturers and pet owners themselves.

Advantages of Choosing a Water Bottle for Your Hamster

Though there have been far too many arguments and discussions as to whether water bottles are better than water dish for hamster, many pet owners are now considering to have a water bottle for their pet hamsters. There are certain advantages that bottles do give to hamsters. With that in mind, why don’t you look at the following?

  • Hamsters, even if they seem to be a messy pet, these animals prefer dry and clean bedding. This is what water bottles can give them instead of a dish where water can be spilled easily by your pet hamster themselves.
  • Water bottles help you clean and maintain your pet’s cage easily and more comfortably.
  • This also eliminates the need to replace spilled water often.
  • It also helps avoid clogs due to food and bedding material.

What to Look for in Choosing a Water Bottle for Your Hamster

When choosing a water bottle for your hamster, you certainly won’t run out options in doing so. Water bottles that are manufactured for hamster comes in various forms, this makes your decision an easy one. Now, consider the tips listed below when buying a water bottle.

  • Water bottles are manufactured in various materials. Choosing a glass water bottle is preferred by many, but choosing one that’s made from plastic is just as good as its glass counterpart.
  • Choose a water bottle that has the right size. An 8-ounce bottle would the trick in keeping your hamster free from thirsts.
  • Select a water bottle that features an angled stainless-steel sipper-tube. This allows your hamster an easy time sipping water from it. Some water bottles also feature a ball bearing along the spout for an added comfort.

Those things are some of the best things that you could choose for a water bottle. See to it that you place or hang the water bottle inside the cage or aquarium towards the side. Ensure that its height can be accessed and reached easily by your pet hamster. Changing your hamster’s water every day would help keep their physical well-being. Now, go ahead and seek for the best water bottles out in the market today.