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Rabbits are one of the animals that you can easily love and cherish. However, these animals are some of the hardest to care for since they require a different kind of attention. These social and lovable animals are some of the most wonderful pet companions that you can choose to have as a pet owner.

When choosing rabbits as your pet, you must take the time to know or learn about the things that they need, most especially when it comes to how you’re going to house a rabbit. With regard to that, some rabbit owners choose to let their pets roam freely on their property, while choose to cage them. Well then, how can you achieve one properly? Let’s go ahead and look at that right now.

Your Rabbit’s Home

When it comes to housing or letting your rabbit roam freely, you must know determine where the safest place is for them to live. As most domestic rabbit pet owners choose, having them indoors is the best option you have. Why?

Rabbits as a pet don’t seem to tolerate extreme and excessive temperatures, most especially during the summer months where the temperature can reach so high. On the other hand, having them on a safe enclosure or indoors would also be a good way to protect them from predators. Rabbits stress very easy that’s why you have to protect them from all sorts of disturbances coming from predators since they have higher risks of heart attacks.

Key Things You Must Ensure When Letting Your Pet Rabbit Roam Freely or Caged

Though most rabbit owners would choose to cage their pet, many still do consider in letting their pets roam indoors freely. When you decide to do the same, you must ensure that you take care of lot things to keep everything, as much as possible, rabbit-safe. Now, consider the following tips in caging and letting your pet rabbit roam freely.

  • See to it that the indoor surroundings your rabbits roam around are free from electrical outlets that may electrocute them since rabbits love to chew everything or anything.
  • Make sure that you keep insecticides or cleaning supplies away from their reach. This can present a great danger to their health, which often leads to a rabbit’s death. Aside from these chemicals, an assorted plant bulb like aloe and Calla Lily might be poisonous to rabbits.
  • When caging a rabbit, you must ensure that you let them out for several hours from time to time for them to exercise.
  • Other than that, you must ensure that the size of their cage is five times bigger than their size since rabbits tend to move a lot.

These are just some of the basic that you must ensure when owning a pet rabbit. Domestic rabbits are some of the most domesticated animals, so owning one are a good choice. Well then, see to it that you care for them just like how you take care of your other pets.